Licensing tracks at MusicBox is streamlined. All types of clearances, theatrical, broadcast programs, corporate/non-broadcast, internet, commercial, promos, walk-in music, new and future media clearances are available in all markets, Canada, United States only, North America and the World.

Blanket licenses

If you require a production blanket license (i.e.: 13 episodes) or a network blanket license please contact our sales staff to discuss terms. We can set up a MusicBox blanket account for you right away.

All music licenses granted by MusicBox, include synchronization and master use rights. Our clients are not required to contact or to negotiate terms with any other party.

MusicBox represents production music libraries, some to the North American market, and some to Canada only, excluding Quebec, (for up to worldwide clearance). Upon account registration, we encourage you to identify what territory your company or “billable company/licensor” resides. This way we can serve you the musical content that we can license directly to you.

When you register with MusicBox, it is required that we identify your geographical location.