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Podcasts vs. YouTube Videos: Choosing the Option

Podcast vs Youtube

So, you’re thinking about creating content, right? And now, you’re probably choosing which platform to start on. Podcast vs. YouTube – these two have their own thing going on.

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What Makes a Podcast Truly Great?

what makes a good podcast?

What makes a good podcast stand out in today’s thriving podcasting landscape? This question holds immense importance as a great podcast is not merely an audio recording; it’s a powerful tool that can engage and inspire listeners!

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Starting a Podcast: Is It Worth It?

should i start a podcast

In recent years, the world of podcasting has experienced an unprecedented surge in popularity, leaving many individuals and businesses contemplating, “Should I start a podcast?” This intriguing question has drawn increasing attention as more people explore the fascinating realm of audio content creation.

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How To Structure a Podcast?


Nowadays, the podcast is quite popular because it is a new way to get information and story. You can listen to the podcast in your car, at work, or at home. So it is easy and free to find a topic that interests you and start listening.

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Where Should I List My Podcast?

Listing a podcast

We can speak about several options, where you can list your podcast. One option is to list your podcast on iTunes. To do this, you must submit your podcast feed to iTunes. You can also list your podcast on Google Play Music, Stitcher, and many other directories.

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