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Condenser vs. dynamic mics

When choosing any device, you always need to delve into its features, it is advisable to also understand the principle of its operation in order to avoid awkward moments and disappointments in the future.
Both microphone types have very obvious differences. Thus, let’s try to highlight the difference between condenser and dynamic mic, and perhaps it will be much easier for you to choose the right product for yourself.

Main difference between condenser and dynamic microphones

During operation, the microphone’s main mission is to convert the waves into another realm called a voltage, which they must send to the preamplifier. In the condenser vs. dynamic mics, the feature of converting this very energy is very different. Dynamic mics use electromagnetism, while capacitors use alternating capacitance. I propose to consider this in more detail and understand what such a cardinal difference is.

condenser and dynamic mic

Features of dynamic microphones

This mic type usually converts sound waves into tension with the help of a magnet. Thus, it can be understood that dynamic microphones create diaphragm vibration and produce an electrical charge by using sound waves. The strength of this electricity is increased by means of a transformer and produces sound.

Condenser mics

Condenser microphones differ significantly from dynamic microphones in that they operate on the basis of variable capacitance. The sound waves create an influence on the diaphragm and vibrate it with the magnetic plate located behind it. During this process, a voltage is generated that is sent through the phantom power supply (+48 V) to boost it, and then sent to the output of your microphone. This path is actually needed so that you have a stable signal and the voltage rises steadily and without interruption. Moreover, some capacitors feature an onboard high-pass filter and switch that will help change the directional patterns. However, these are all additional features that can increase the price of your device.

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