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How Do You Start Listening to Podcasts?

Whether you’re stuck in traffic or working out, podcasts are a great way to keep yourself entertained. But with so many options available, it can be tough to know where to start. So here’s a guide on how to get started listening.

Ways to listen to podcasts

There are several ways to listen to podcasts, and which option you choose will often depend on your preferences and the types of devices you have available.

Some standard options for listening to podcasts include:

  • Streaming episodes directly from a podcast website or app. Most podcast platforms will let you stream episodes directly from their site or app, so you can listen without downloading anything.
  • Download episodes to your computer or mobile device. It is a good option if you want to listen offline or save episodes for later. Many podcast apps will let you automatically download new episodes as they become available.
  • Connecting your mobile device to a speaker. It can be a great option if you want to listen to podcasts while doing other things, such as cooking or working out.
  • Listening to podcasts on smart speakers. If you have a smart speaker, such as an Amazon Echo or Google Home, you can enable skills or add-ons that let you play podcasts from your speaker.

Growing everyday with podcasts

Best podcast apps for Android and IOS

There are many great podcast apps available for Android and IOS, but some of our favorites include:

  • Pocket Casts: This app lets you manage your podcast subscriptions and playlists and provides features like playback speed controls and episode recommendations.
  • Stitcher: Stitcher offers streaming and downloadable podcasts and includes features like custom playlists and offline listening.
  • Podcast Republic: This free podcast app has a user-friendly interface and includes features like variable playback speeds and automatic downloads for new episodes.

If you’re looking to start listening to podcasts, there are many great options. Whether you prefer streaming or downloading episodes, there are plenty of apps that can help you find and listen to all your favorite podcasts. So give a few different apps and find the one that works best for you!

How to find podcasts to listen to

One of the best ways to find podcasts is by using podcast apps or websites. These platforms usually let you search for specific podcasts based on topics, and they often feature recommendations and curated lists of popular or trending podcasts.

Another good way to find podcasts is by exploring online communities or forums where people talk about their favorite shows. Many podcasts also have dedicated websites or social media pages where you can find recommendations and reviews from other listeners.

To get started, try searching for some of your favorite topics or keywords related to the type of content you’re interested in. It will give you a good starting point for finding new shows to listen to, and you can always explore further based on recommendations from other listeners.

How to subscribe to podcasts

Subscribing to a podcast involves adding it to your podcast app or platform. It will usually let you automatically download new episodes as they become available, and some platforms will also let you set custom notifications for specific podcasts.

To subscribe to a podcast, find the show on your favorite app or website and click the “subscribe” button. It will usually be a free and easy way to stay up-to-date with your favorite shows, so it’s good to subscribe when you find an interesting podcast.

If you’re using a dedicated podcast app, you may also be able to set custom notification rules for new episodes. For example, you could choose to be notified as soon as a new episode is released or only when specific keywords are mentioned. It can be a great way to ensure you never miss an episode of your favorite show.

Main reasons and benefits of listen to podcasts

There are many reasons why you might want to start listening to podcasts, but here are some of the main ones:

  • Podcasts offer great entertainment and information, whether you’re looking for something funny or informative.
  • Many podcasts also have dedicated communities and listeners who use them to connect with others and share their thoughts.
  • Podcasts are usually free to listen to, and you can usually find them either on websites or through mobile apps.

Podcasts can be a great way to learn new things and gain new perspectives. So whether you’re looking to improve your business skills or just keep up with the latest news, a podcast can help you achieve your goals.

You become a multitasking expert

One of the main benefits of listening to podcasts while doing other things is that it helps you become a multitasking master. By switching back and forth between your tasks and your podcasts, you can get more done in less time, which makes podcast listening to a great productivity tool.

You don’t watch TV all day

Podcasts can also help you break your dependence on television. If you spend hours in front of the TV every day, try listening to a podcast instead. You may be surprised at how much more engaged you to feel with the content, and you’ll likely get more out of it.

Ways to listen to podcasts

You connect with other like-minded people

Another great thing about podcasts is that they help you connect with other like-minded people. By listening to shows about your interests, you can find new friends and followers who share your passions.

It can be a great way to meet new people and expand your social circle, so it’s worth considering if you’re looking for ways to connect with others.

You become more successful in your career

Lastly, if you want to be more successful in your job or advance your career, explore the wide world of podcasts and find one to help you reach your goals.

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